Why the triangle? Whole Person Healing

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Why the triangle? Whole Person Healing

Do you know why Dr. Eric uses the Triangle in his SMHA logo?

It’s the triangle of health: Physical, Biochemical, Emotional.

Our bodies are constantly changing environments that respond to our daily choices. Therefore we must strive to maintain homeostasis or “balance.” If one area becomes imbalanced, the whole system can become affected. The complex organic machinery that is the human body will begin to break down. For example:

  • Physical discomfort can lead to emotional stress
  • Emotional stress can burnout the Immune System
  • Biochemical imbalance leads to physical pain

These changes can lead to dis-ease. Are you listening to the warning signals?  If not, the messages increase in severity leading to what conventional medicine calls chronic disease. Including cancers, hypertension, fibromyalgia, obesity and arthritis.

At Santa Monica Healing Arts we look for the ROOT CAUSE of your condition and address the body whole.

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