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“Food as medicine” and how do supplements help?

What do you mean by “food as medicine” and how do supplements help?

A lot of folks don’t get it when we say that food is medicine. Or they are stumped at how the herbs in #drericsoffice can help them personally. And, unless you have a very personal consultation and blood work or other tests done, this is difficult to explain because we are all completely unique walking chemical experiments. Read on!…

So… just for fun, I asked #DrEric to give me an example…I said, ” I’m a new patient. I’m a woman in my mid 40’s. I’m tired, depressed, I am gaining weight, losing my hair, and I drink too much wine.😜😂😫
Without any further tests and just as an example, what might you suggest I try?”
Here are some supplements that he might start you off with (btw this is not a diagnosis and you must not go out and buy these on your own without consulting a doctor).

“We must assume your current condition is a result of imbalances in your hormone system as well as a depletion in neuro transmitter function.
1) Serotone Active: amino acids & St. John’s wort to support the brain’s serotonin levels and to help combat low mood.
2) Chaste Tree (aka Vitex): many women during menopause or perimenopause, suffer from symptoms of estrogen dominance. Chaste Tree is an herb that can help influence progesterone production, thereby balancing excess estrogen.
3) Cruciferous Complete: contains cruciferous vegetables (kale & brussel sprouts). Phytonutrients increase the liver’s ability to break down toxins including excess hormones like estrogen or dht (a form of testosterone that can lead to thinning hair). 4) Rhodiola & Schisandra: adrenals usually play a role in perimenopause. When adrenals are thrown off, any menopausal symptoms are worsened. Rhodiola & Schisandra are adaptogens that help balance cortisol levels in the body. High cortisol can contribute to thinning hair, fatigue, low mood, anxiousness, weight gain, and thinning bones. …..
Again, this is not a real person and many additional inquiries should be made as supplement suggestions could vary widely, even within these complaints, based on varying hormonal and or physiological factors. .
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What is YOUR personal puzzle? and do you think Dr. Eric could find you a remedy?

Give him a call to find out!

Coby Dahlstrom (aka #mrsdrdahl)


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