Nutritional Assessment

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What to expect:

We sit down with our clients looking for a nutritional assessment and really try to get to the bottom of things to find a unique answer for YOU.  Dr. Eric is not interested in sticking a bandaid on it, but really finding the ROOT cause and its effect on your whole body.  Perhaps you have joint pain and inflammation, Dr. Eric may ask you to try an elimination diet or a cleanse in order to isolate your particular dietary needs.  He may ask you to have your blood work drawn.  Perhaps you have heavy metal toxicity from metal pipes in your apartment building?  We may suggest you try specific nutritional supplements as you may be lacking in some area.  There are a series of questionaires that you will fill out to begin the process.  But we can assure you that Eric will help you to be the optimal YOU. Finding the answer to YOUR particular puzzle is what he does best.

How our nutritional assessments work:

We work with you to craft a diet that will have you moving torward optimal health. Let’s face it: we are what we eat. Today our food has more calories, more preservatives, more chemicals and less nutrients than ever. We eat a highly refined over processed diet that does not offer all of the vital substances, “vitamins”, necessary to sustain quality life. Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes and other chronic diseases are at epidemic levels. Just as a wall may be built with bricks our bodies are built with the foods we eat. Without proper nutrition disease will take over. Supplementing the American diet with good quality nutrients is a necessity for optimal health.