Chiropractic Care

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What to expect: 

When you come in for your first visit, we’ll spend about an hour together. We’ll talk about things beyond just the pain – like environmental factors (sports, physical demands during your day, and injuries). We will treat the pain and also talk about fixing the source, so that your care extends beyond your treatments.

For new patients that find us in the midst of an injury, we usually ask you to come back for multiple treatments. While do not obligate our clients to continued care once the injury improves, we find that many of our clients come back for preventative care and general wellness throughout the year.

How chiropractic care works:

Chronic back pain can be crippling to both your physical and emotional health. Chiropractic care focuses on misalignment in the body. It looks to address discomfort not by the use of drugs and surgery, but instead by locating and adjusting a musculoskeletal area of the body, which is functioning improperly. These habitual tendencies in the body can pull patients out of alignment. This is why new patients often times need multiple treatments.

At Santa Monica Healing Arts, we’re successful when your pain-free.