Kenvin: An Artist's Kitchen. Food, Art & Wisdom of a Bohemian Cowboy

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Kenvin: An Artist’s Kitchen. Food, Art & Wisdom of a Bohemian Cowboy

Dearest Friends of SMHA,

I am proud to present an amazing book that has just been brought to light by my father-in-law, Richard Winn Taylor II.  If you are a lover of Food, Art, Life and Love the American West, READ ON…..

Kenvin: An Artist’s Kitchen.

Food, Art & Wisdom of a Bohemian Cowboy

by Richard Winn Taylor II 
As the Executor of the Kenvin Lyman Artistic Trust I’m writing this letter to address a very special circumstance. You may or may not have known or heard of Kenvin Lyman “The Utah Kid.” Kenvin was a unique and exceptionally talented man who tragically passed away in early 2011. He was a world class cook, wine maker, organic farmer, gardener, author, illustrator, fine artist, singer/songwriter, curator, teacher, husband, father and grandfather. The Utah Kid was a wide-ranging, creative dynamo, for deep in his heart was a work ethic born from growing up on a farm/ranch in Strawberry and then Spring Lake, Utah. 
For the last twelve years of his life Kenvins primary creative focus was in creating a cookbook entitled “Kenvin” An Artists Kitchen, Food, Art & Wisdom of a Bohemian Cowboy. At its heart An Artists Kitchen is a beautifully crafted cookbook with one hundred and twenty-eight original recipes born from Utah traditions that have been enriched with Kenvin’s own special magic. But, the book is much more, there are one hundred ninty-six original illustrations along with poems, stories and wisdoms from Kenvin’s extraordinary life. 
The book speaks for itself and once you’ve experienced it you’ll understand that it is a manifesto of a very special and beloved man, a man who shared his life, his experience, his talents and his love without any thought of glamour or desire for special recognition. I was his partner in Rainbow Jam our light show and graphics company that toured with the Grateful Dead and preformed at concerts throughout the Western United States in the late 60’s. From my years as his friend and creative partner, I know that Kenvin came into our lives with his soul reaching for the stars. Kenvins talent, wisdom and his magical perspective on life are here in this book for all to share.   
Gibbs-Smith the renowned Utah publisher has printed the book and it is now for the first time available to the public, to you. Please click on the hyper-link and take a look and if you’re inclined buy one and then pass this email on to your friends and colleges. 
If you love good food, art and the American west, if you love originality, wisdom and creative thinking then this book should be in your life.
Respectfully,   Richard Winn Taylor II 
Dr. Eric P. Dahlstrom, D.C., L.Ac.
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