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Inspired by facebook’s query: “What’s on your mind?”

Well Facebook, let me tell you “what’s on my mind…”


The facebook post that made me think…

I am not a good cook, nor do I particularly like gardening. I am not a “foodie,” and I don’t post pictures of food to boast or make you drool. I am certainly not going to write a cookbook (thank you though to all of you who complement, like, and repost!). I post ‪#‎DrEricsdinner‬ because I believe that the future of humanity is at stake (Special thank you Caitlin Blue for helping that click for me the other day with your political cartoon post!). I am serious. Food is the answer. Food is the medicine. We have become too removed from our natural selves. The Earth gave us the answers and we, in our pursuit of money & more importantly convenience, have forgotten.

Our bodies, this planet, are nothing but a complex chemical experiment that is gone awry. Every SINGLE thing we put on or in ourselves and on this planet complicates our existence. Now, I’m all for the progess that we’ve made- antibiotics can save lives and indoor plumbing sure did, and 3D printing is mind-blowing – but let’s not forget where we came from, let’s not go overboard, and let’s not blindly believe the establishment. This Earth gave us all we needed. The cures lie in the seasonal gifts from her. Cancer, endocrine disruptors, MTHFR, inflammation, heart attack, depression, jealousy, greed, laziness, cholesterol, auto-immune disorders, lupis, gluten intolerance, bladder infections, leaky gut, rheumatiod arthritis, anxiety…insanity…are the result of un unbalanced world. DIS-EASE. What good is wealth if you don’t have health?

I will not walk in a race for the cure, or buy a plastic BPA filled pink bracelet. I believe cures (and prevention), and not just for Cancer, lie in the organic, local, seasonal food we eat, the raw food supplements that we take, the available herbs all around us. And more importantly, what we DON’T eat. Weston Price knew this as early as the 1930s (…/principles-of-healthy-diets-2/). Traditional Chinese Medicine has cured for 2,000 years (…/Traditional-Chinese-Medicine-Dr-Wei…). The Ancient Celts cured with herbal medicine (…/Healing-Herbs-of-the-Anci…), as did the native Americans (…/native.html). I do not believe that mandatory vaccination is effective or constituional (not up for debate with me). I believe in building a healthy well-tested immune system. I believe in PREVENTION. It is NOT ok to have a child look at lettuce growing in the ground and say, “wow, I’ve never seen that…or eaten it.”11054469_708175609309876_659682563476613235_n

It’s not okay that my drinking water is infused with someone else’s prescription medicine.  It’s not okay that I’m being forced to inhale Alzheimer’s and Cancer from the sky and your car. I don’t appreciate pesticides in my groundwater or plastics in the ocean. I take every precaution, every day, to undo what others have done to our Earth in order to pad their pockets. These meals you see? They are my CURE. I am saving humanity one squash at a time. One quiche at a time. One child at a time.11218691_919337164826016_7599357560218646815_n

More pressingly, I do not have faith that humanity will reach an acceptable way to deter gun violence, not with beurocracy, pharmaceuticals, therapy, or incarceration. Not when so many people’s chemical imbalances have psychiatric consequences -and monetary ones – both shooters AND politicians. Virtually every single one of the perpetrators in the mass shootings of the past 20 years was or had been on some prescription psychotropic medication – read SSRIs (…/every_mass_shooting_over_last…/119552).  Depression and anxiety can be both caused and cured by what you do or don’t eat.  And poverty often causes folks to eat the WRONG stuff.  Don’t even get me started on Politicians and their drug convictions – crack, Oxycodone, Marajuana, Cocaine, the list goes one – and they have money.  It is not about class or social status. We are all out of balance. We are the blind leading the blind. And all of this is entrenched in somebody’s bottom line. No one other than you benefits from your growing your own food though…ask Ron Finley (“growing your own food is like growing your own money”-


How I know food can balance…my supplements.

Our world is toxic. The only way is to reconnect with our Mother. Treat her and all her creatures with kindness. Find homeostasis. Put your hands in the dirt. Work hard. Find the knowledge that our forebearers had and we have lost. It is possible. Balancing ourselves is possible – hey, I know a guy who can help you do it..Dr. Eric Dahlstrom at Santa Monica Healing Arts! Understand of course that what I believe and what he believes are NOT the same, but he CAN balance you that’s for sure. He did me, that’s why I know its possible (thank you very much to Apex Energetics Serotone Active K-38, and Estrovera specifically).

I am not supermom. I am not very good at debate, and I am certainly not patient enough to be a teacher. I am way too opinionated, and I don’t even really like children?! (Wait did I say that out loud?) But I do enjoy making a difference. I love seeing the joy and astonishment on kids’ faces in the school garden when we eat the celery that they grew right out of the garden. “Wait,” they say, “we can eat this? We don’t have to wash it or anything?” No kid. It’s that easy. It grows, you eat it. No pesticides to wash or bags of plastic to open…”You sure?” They say. Yep I am sure. If only everything could be such a sure thing.

But what I realized the other day, with thanks to my friend Melinda, is that folks might not be getting my message. I hope to inspire. I hope to lead by example. If I can do this thing…make every single meal a political statement, make every single dinner count, so can all of you. The choices we can get ourselves embroiled in are infinate; Each step we take offfers up a landmine of consequences. By using the Buycott Ap (, I know sometimes I’m choosing 6 of one over 1/2 dozen of the other. But I CHOOSE. I make a difference. I put my money where my mouth is and vice versa.

Oh, and… “I’m sorry if the pictures of my political meal are annoying you…I assumed the future of humanity was worth discussing!”

btw: if you enjoyed this rant…you might also enjoy reading my occassional blogs at! hey, wait, maybe I should make this a blog?! great idea…..!

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