Happy Healthy(?) Valentine's Day <3

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Happy Healthy(?) Valentine’s Day <3

images-5As Valentine’s Day approaches, there are so many many many posts and articles and stuff about Chocolate and Roses and Candy and Sweets and Whipped Cream and Cake.  Why does LOVE have to be synonymous with gluttony and indulgence? How about showing some love for yourself and your loved ones by making something really truly SWEET?  Try a delicious natural alternative for dessert tomorrow.images

Red Velvet (mmmmmmmm) is one of only two kinds of cake that I really do like and actually eat.  It is one of my absolute favorites to splurge on especially when it has cream cheese frosting on top! (Just ask my dear friend Courtenay Taylor about that bridal shower incident that involved too many mimosas, a red velvet cupcake, and the pavement! eek those were the days).  But really, it’s delicious and BAD FOR YOU.  Did you know that it is  just a super rich and moist chocolate cake but with ONE WHOLE (1 oz) BOTTLE of red food coloring??? At least that is how much Paula Dean’s recipe calls for (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/red-velvet-cake-recipe.html).  I’ve used this recipe myself, back in the day, BEFORE I knew I had so many food sensitivities.  It’s a great recipe, but now I’m afraid my guts won’t abide it (sad face).  I’ve realized that so many things can cause disease in the long run if you’re not careful, so I avoid it now, like the plague (love ‘ya Paula! you’ve been through a lot lately so, I ain’t hatin).images-2

Just for fun, let’s talk about how bad food coloring can be for you.  Ouch. Well, suffice to say that a few of the long term effects can be chromosomal damage, brain damage, bladder tumors, thyroid tumors, hyperactivity, neurochemical/behavioral effects, agression, asthma, allergies, insomnia, lymphoma, eczema, hives, and oh my! the list goes ON and ON.  Most of our widely used food colors are banned in Europe, Sweden, and Norway, and many were even attempted bans by our own FDA.  Many more are indeed banned here depending on how they are administered.  It’s poison.  Not for eating.  Not food.  (For more info about that horrid stuff go here http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-scary-reasons-to-avoid-artificial-food-coloring.html)images-3

So the other day I was really excited when I saw online a recipe for food coloring-free Red Velvet Cake! Yay!  This seems like a really yummy recipe using guess what instead? BEETS!  I love beets.  Especially when they are in season and available locally!  Again, Yay!  Here is the recipe that I found for “All Natural” Red Velvet Cake: www.littlehouseliving.com/recipe-for-red-velvet-cake.html

Oh, oh, oh…! I won’t go on a tirade (although I really can’t help myself), but beets are so good for you!  And, hello! NOT IRONIC, they are heart shaped and good for your…guess what? yesssss!  HEART!  lol.  That’s just the beginning.  They fight cancer and are basically a SOOOPER FOOD! (For more info regarding beets and your health go here: http://voices.yahoo.com/15-health-benefits-beets-fight-cancer-more-805501.html).images-6

I have never tried this recipe, mind you, but I sure plan on trying it soon!  I love the way the chef/author talks about all the harm that the food coloring chemicals can cause!  I also love the “science talk” about how when using wonderful beets for color, there are required things like ACV and citrus etc to calm their acidity.  Real health, kitchen, homemaker stuff.  My fave!  Although I have one caveat…when I try it, and I will, I will make this cake gluten free.  Ack! what? No, it’s not hard.  In pretty much ANY recipe you can substitute the regular flour 1 for 1 with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour! Then add 1/4 of xanthan gum as a binding agent.  It is that easy.

Bobs-Red-Mill-Gluten-Free-All-Purpose-Baking-Flour-039978014528So, I challenge you!…  Try to make it will you?  And then let me know how it turns out?  Maybe not for Valentine’s Day, as that is tomorrow!  But soon.  Red Velvet Cake is always good!  Birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers (right Courtenay?), or 4th of July!  There’s a good chance that I will make it first though…we’ll see!

But whatever you bake tomorrow, try to LOVE YOURSELF.  Be wise and eat well.  You’ll be glad you did.images-4

xo, Coby (#mrsdrdahl)


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PS: for fun,  here’s a candid shot from that fateful cupcake episode! The story you ask?  Well, my cupcake fell – rather I dropped it!  Not eating it was NOT an option.  So, I picked it up off the ground and ate it anyway.  No big whoop right?  “God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt!”  I was NOT missing out on that delicious red velvet with cream cheese frosting dammit!  I still get grief for that – but it sure makes a good story at a party!  Here we are, just minutes prior to the red velvet cupcakes, Me, Courtenay Taylor, and Warner Takaki (neither of whom eat gluten or dairy much anymore either :).  Love you gals.  Cheers!<3261_21123708421_1503_n



  1. Oh Boy! So…I took my own advice and tried to make this cake gluten free…HA! LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I used WAY too much xanthan gum and it was hard as a brick! so I’ve since gone back in and revised the notation. be sure to add only 1/4 tsp xanthan gum. or be sure to buy the Bob’s Red Mill GF flour that already has the stuff in it so it is literally 1 for 1. happy VDay to you and enjoy! xo coby

  2. Ok folks, should I try to make this one again this year? except with the PROPER amount of Xanthan Gum? per Bob’s Red Mill packaging, a cake usually only requires 1/2 tsp of the stuff…anyone else want to give it a try? Happy Hearting! <3

  3. Or for another SURE fire heart warming Vday treat that’s gluten free and beet/raspberry colored, try this by dear friend Valentina @cookingweekends http://cookingontheweekends.com/2013/02/raspberry-beet-valentines-day-cupcakes-gluten-free-recipe/

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