Breath in Life

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Breath in Life

So many nights we lie awake in bed – circular stressful thoughts going round and round – with no hope of turning them off, all the while, holding our breath. How do we expect to get a hold on all the “to do’s” if we can’t even regulate our own breath and bring oxygen to our cells? Let’s stop trying to take hold and let go…

Following is a great article on the benefits of BREATH. Break the cycle, bring life to your cells, and in so doing, lift the anxiety and depression that are loaded on from that long day. Breath into your relax and bring on the next day… It is clinically proven!

“Biology tells us that cellular respiration, the process of taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide from every cell, is linked to the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, eliminate wastes, and oxidize fuel into energy. When you improve breathing, the health of each and every cell is enhanced.”

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