Herbal Medicine

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What to expect:

At Santa Monica healing arts, herbal prescriptions are written according to your specific condion and needs. We only carry and recommend herbs from companies that have been tested for safeness and purity.

Why herbal medicine works:

For hundreds of years natural remedies have been used for the care and protection of the human body. In Traditional Chines Medicine there are over 400 unique herbs classified by their healing properties.

Chinese herbs for pain treatment are often used as formulas. According to the patient’s condition, many herbs are put together like a group to enhance the power of the treatment and reduce the side effects. Some herbs have analgesic properties, and many of them are extremely potent. Herbal medicine can be used internally as well as externally. They are typically taken in the form of tea, capsules or concentrated powder. Depending on the situation, some herb preparations are given in China intravenously or subcutaneously.